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Michael Dixon's  Critics Roundup
Cinderella Air Date: WEDNESDAY, June 27, 2001

"Cinderella" was the one Rodgers and Hammerstein musical that wasn't written for Broadway. They wrote it for television, and Julie Andrews sang the title role. That was in 1957. The show has been revised several times, but this production is amazing. It's fast, hip, funny, expertly staged, and performed with professional polish that rivals any show to come through in recent memory. Everything gets a fresh take from the dialogue to the truly international cast in which we have a Black King, a white Queen, an Asian Prince Charming and the step mother played by a guy. And it all works. Jamie-Lynn Sigler - Tony Soprano's teenage daughter - is a Cinderella of real emotions with a beautiful voice and gentle style. Her Prince, Paolo Montalban, played the role for the 1997 Walt Disney/ABC movie. An unnecessary element was the inclusion of the song "The Sweetest Sounds," which was borrowed from "No Strings," a musical written Rodgers after the death of Hammerstein, and bears no musical resemblance to the "Cinderella" score.

But there are two remarkable elements in this touring production that should make it a must see. One is the remarkable performance of Eartha Kitt as the Fairy Godmother. Eartha Kitt is a legendary singer, sexy, sultry, and powerful. Some might remember her as Catwoman in the original "Batman" TV series, but if that is all you know of her, go see Cinderella just to watch a real pro deliver a line as well as a lyric with stiletto-like precision. There's no one like her. The other remarkable element is the use of the puppet mice and bird. It's a refreshing use of a long ignored theater technique that will keep you smiling. But so will the whole show.

"Cinderella" is perfect for every member of the family. I say 4 out of 4.