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Saturday, December 8, 2001 
Post-Courier Reviewer

Move over Britney. Look out J. Lo. There's a 74-year-old sex 
kitten who burst onto the scene Friday night. She's not just 
pussy-footing around either. It's Eartha Kitt with her 
incredible flair in the role of the Fairy Godmother in Rodgers 
and Hammerstein's "Cinderella." She's the most sexy cynical "Fol-
De-Rol" fairy godmother you ever saw. Even Cinderella is so 
surprised upon seeing her that Kitt utters, "One guess. A tutu 
and a magic wand, right? Been there. Done that." Earth Mother 
beats the stereotypical Pollyanna variety F.G.M. any day. Known 
as the Filipino Prince from Jersey City, current teen heart-
throb Paolo Montalban is tall, dark and handsome. He plays the 
charming prince. Although his voice lacks power, he is pleasing 
to hear and makes the chemistry happen whenever he is on stage. 
This hunk is a natural. Cinderella (Jessica Rush) is a lovely 
appealing ingenue. She has a pleasant voice and is at home in 
the role. She is convincing whether she is the put-upon 
stepdaughter or the prince's love. Everett Quinton is marvelous 
as the stepmother. He's hilarious, and the energy oozes out of 
him. Never do you think of him as a man. He is just the wicked 
stepmother. The spiteful stepsisters, Grace (Natasha Yvette 
Williams) and Joy (Sandra Bargman), are anything but grace and 
joy. They are outstanding comedians who keep you in stitches 
with their song, "Stepsisters' Lament." Noteworthy are 
outstanding performances of Ken Prymus (the king), Leslie Becker 
(the queen) and Victor Trent Cook (Lionel). In fact, the entire 
production glitters and sparkles. It's pure fantasy that makes 
your heart sing. Props, costumes and constantly moving sets are 
more colorful than an artist's pallette. The special effects 
alone are worth the price. There are even exceptional puppets of 
mice, birds and a cat accompanied by their undisguised 
puppeteers. Beautifully detailed direction by Gabriel Barre is 
Broadway caliber. So rev up your pumpkin, and get on over to the 
North Charleston Performing Arts Center today for the last two