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A review from the Chicago's Reader

CINDERELLA Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1957 TV musical version has been 
turned into delicious stage entertainment that will appeal to viewers of 
every age and persuasion. Given a contemporary flavor by a new script 
and updated pop arrangements, director Gabriel Barre's touring 
production boasts boldly colored storybook scenic design, elegant and outrageous 
costumes, impressive special effects, and delightfully imaginative 
puppetry as well as a terrific cast that includes Deborah Gibson in the 
title role, Paolo Montalban as the handsome prince, Eartha Kitt as the 
fairy godmother, and off-Broadway drag actor Everett Quinton in a 
brilliant turn as the wicked stepmother. One of the show's most intriguing 
aspects is its unapologetically nontraditional casting: Cinderella's white, 
her prince is Asian, and his father is portrayed by a black man and his 
mother by a white woman. Hammerstein, whose best work (Show Boat, South 
Pacific, The King and I) reflected his deep-seated hatred of racism and 
his delight in cross-racial cultural stimulation, would have been 
pleased to see his work recast in this casually color-blind manner. Ford 
Center for the Performing Arts, Oriental Theatre, 24 W. Randolph, 
312-902-1400. Through January 28: Thursday, 7:30 PM; Friday, 8 PM; 
Saturday-Sunday, 2 and 8 PM. $20-$70