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Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Paolo Montalban records an album


PAOLO Montalban is presently doing an album with Vicor Music Corp. He’s recorded five of the 10 cuts and he’ll probably finish everything before he leaves for Los Angeles Thursday.

Paolo broke into our collective consciousness when he played Prince Charming to singer Brandy’s Cinderella in a TV-movie produced by Whitney Houston. Prior to that, he played a small role in the acclaimed Broadway revival of The King and I. He was also on the TV series Mortal Kombat.

The hunky singer says Vicor allowed him to choose the songs he was to record. He’s doing cover versions of numerous classics, including a few Tagalog tunes. He sang “Ikaw” with nary an American accent.

Paolo was voted one of the “50 Most Beautiful People of the World” by People Magazine in 1998. “I find it weird,” when asked about his inclusion in the prestigious magazine’s selection.

Paolo shrugged off rumors linking her to Patricia Javier and Regine Valesquez. He explained Patricia is just a friend while he doesn’t know Regine well enough. “I’d like to know her better because among the SOP hosts, she is the only one I haven’t talked to yet,” he bluntly explained. (That’s a welcome change from the showbizzy responses we’ve been getting from his colleagues.)

While on the subject of Regine, the songbird has made up with enemy Gelli de Belen. She’s guested on Gelli’s morning show Sis. The TV host was reportedly enraged when she learned Regine and Ariel Rivera had become a couple, though they were linked after Gelli and Ariel had broken up. Still, Gelli believed it was Regine who ruined her relationship with Ariel.

Regine presented Gelli a bouquet of flowers when she finally appeared on the show last Wednesday. Happily, the thorns were already taken out. Now, Gelli is open to guesting on Regine’s show, SOP. How sweet.