American Adobo - Fan review
Thanks to Diana for her review!

Time: Mon, 31-Dec-2001 05:00:34 GMT     IP:

I kind of kept it in my hat that I was going to the premiere in 
NY the 29th. I was a bit nervous that you all would then want a 
review and what if, well, it wasn't my taste? Boy did I waste a 
lot of time needlessly worrying....WOW, this is a must see!!!!

I am going to do my best to give you guys just enough info to 
let you kow that YES this is something to go out of your way to 
see but I do not want to spoil it for anyone by giving too much 
away either it goes!

The film centers around the lives of five close Filipino friends 
who are each dealing with their own personal struggles. Covering 
a wide variety of controversial topics the film remains tasteful 
and compassionate. I found myself understanding and relating to 
the characters almost immediately. Many films while trying to 
introduce the audience to the characters tend to be a little 
slow and awkward, not this one. The characters seemed to come to 
life immediately. 

Paolo'character...I am purposefully going to be vague 
far removed from his role as "Prince Charming". I don't really 
know how it could have been any further removed! I found myself 
unwilling to see him in this particular light, however, he 
portrayed the character so true to form that I found I just 
couldn't fight it any more...Paolo became Raul. I am delighted 
that he has the ability to successfully portray such diverse 
characters. He had a great opportunity with this film to show 
his true dramatic abilities. His intensity during certain scenes 
was extremely powerful. There were also several scenes where 
Paolo had the opportunity to be whimsical and a bit "cheeky". 
The pool side scene...well let's just say EVERYONE will get a 
big kick out of it, I sure did! I could go on but I truly do not 
want to let too much out of the bag!

Do not worry about understanding or relating to Filipino 
culture...this film provides insight into the culture without 
being too alien for non-Filipino viewers. Yes, subtitles are 
used at times, but the majority of the film is in English and 
when subtitles were used I found it very easy to continue to 
follow the dialogue without loosing any of the visual impact of 
the film.

If you do go to see the film once it comes out, and I STRONGLY 
suggest you do so, there are a few things you should be prepared 

Be prepared to laugh....There are several absolutely hilarious 
scenes that still have me laughing just thinking about them.

Be prepared to cry....this film is very powerful at times and 
the struggles the characters face will touch you.

Be prepared to will be presented with some very 
deep topics to ponder over on your way home and for days to