Cinderella - Fan review
Thanks to Diana for her review!

Time: Tue, 18-Dec-2001 22:15:09 GMT

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay, I am sure many of you are waiting to hear 
how the show was.

. . .

Now on to the review of the show.....

I know everyone is going to want to hear about Paolo's 
performance first, so here you go. The thing that I had found 
most appealing about his performance in the television version 
was the level of sincerity he brought to his role. That level of 
sincerity was again evident in his stage role. It was easy to 
believe his lines were spoken from the heart rather than just 
memorized from a script. This made his character so much more 
believeable. His voice was as moving as always, his songs 
floated through the theater and seemed to envelope you in the 
moods they carried with them. Soft yet strong, gentle yet 
powerful... Paolo, this is one fan that wants a solo album!!!!!!
Humor played a large part in this stage presentation, Paolo did 
justice to this aspect as well...he was definitely having fun up 
there! I think I even saw a small smile escape him at some of 
the antics of his fellow actors. I am very glad Paolo seems to 
be enjoying himself so much!

Eartha Kitt also showed a definite enjoyment of her roll. She 
was flambouyant and colorful bringing an added boost of energy 
and charm to the show. Geez I wish my legs looked that good! 
Mine look like tree stumps in comparison. She also proved very 
pleasant as I had the great fortune of meeting her after the 
show. A wonderfully bubbly and vivacious woman!!!

Jessica Rush as "Cinderella" did an amazing job. Her grace, 
bearing, and over-all stage presence made her perfect for the 
role. Her voice was pure and sweet and blended well with 
Paolo's. The new Cinderella is a hit!

Everett Quinton was absolutely hilarious as the wicked step-
mother!!! So wonderfully over-the-top I thinking I was laughing 
the entire time he was on stage!

Three cheers for the puppeteers!!! A wonderfully artistic 
approach to the representation of the animals of the story. The 
mastery of each puppeteer brought their puppets to life in an 
amazingly believeable way. 

The entire cast deserves the standing ovation they received! I 
really feel everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, involved with the 
production should be proud of their efforts!!!!! Set changes 
between scenes were amazingly swift and unobtrusive. The magic 
of the fairy godmother's spells was carried out in an amazingly 
ingenious way. There are so many more cast members that I 
haven't mentioned who really do deserve recognition but I'd be 
writing a novel then!!!!! So for those not mentioned I again 
applaud their performance and thank them for a wonderfully 
entertaining evening!!!! 

I tried very hard not to give too much away but if I let loose 
on a few tidbits you would rather have not heard about before 
seeing the show...I'm sorry. Just know this, it is definitely 
worth seeing so travel however far you must...and say "Hi" to can't make any worse of a fool of yourself than I