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Thanks to Dan for this information! You can find some interesting pictures, plus audio interviews from Molly Smith, the founder of the Pervervance Theatre, Peter Dubois, the director of "The Long Season", and playwright Chay Yew. Also included are two audio recordings of rehearsals of two songs from the show, featuring Paolo and cast -- at the National Public Radio website -- Dan

American Stages
Reaching Out to the Local Community
by Lynn Neary

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Left to right: Paolo Montalban, Bernardo Bernardo and Melody Butiu in a scene from The Long Season at the Perseverence Theatre. Perseverence Theatre © 2005

Audio Excerpts
Perseverance Theatre founder Molly Smith talks about what's great about Alaska
The Long Season director Peter DuBois on the community experience of Juneau's theater crowd.
The Long Season playwright Chay Yew talks about the genesis of his musical.
Paolo Montalban, Bernardo Bernardo and Doan Mackenzie rehearse a song from 'The Long Season.'
Melody Butiu, Paolo Montalban, Eileen Rivera, Bernardo Bernardo and Doan Mackenzie rehearse another song from 'The Long Season.'

All Things Considered, March 24, 2005 · Community involvement is among the prime motivations for regional dramatic troupes. Perseverance Theatre in Alaska is living the ideal of serving local audiences while courting diversity. The theater is staging a musical about Filipino immigrants who work in Alaska's salmon canneries.

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