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S.R.O. (Short Reviews Only) 
By Jayson Brizuela 
Wednesday, January 16, 2002 


Starring: Christopher de Leon, Dina Bonnevie, Sandy 
Andolong, Ricky Davao, Paolo Montalban, Cherry Pie Picache 
Directed by: Laurice Guillen 
Produced by: Vincent Nebrida, Tony Gloria, Steve Grenyo 
Written by: Vincent Nebrida 
Distributed by: Outrider Pictures 

The Plot 

Set in New York City, this heartwarming comedy follows the 
lives of five Filipino-American friends who share dinner, 
friendships, and romance through the course of one 
eventful year. 

Tere Sanchez (Picache) is a single woman in her forties; 
she hosts a dinner in her Queens apartment for a friend 
who has just come from Manila. She invites their New York 
City-based friends: Mike (de Leon), a boyish doctor; Gerry, a 
closet gay who works as an advertising copywriter; Marissa, 
a pretty but conceited socialite, and her womanizing cousin, 
Raul (Montalban). 

Throughout the year, the friends get together with new 
stories to tell about their lives. 

The Low-Down 

The first Filipino film to open in Manila, New York, San 
Francisco, and Los Angeles, simultaneously, American 
Adobo is a well-crafted and heartwarming film that tells 
about both the sad and pleasant stories experienced by 
Filipino immigrants in the US. 

It's the story of five friends who are very different from each 
other but are kept together by their friendship, their intimate 
dinner parties, and most of all, their love for adobo. 

Everyone's turned out good performances in this movie. We 
shouldn't expect less. Dina Bonnevie as the snooty socialite 
is simply convincing, never mind the somewhat strange 
accent she sometimes has. Under-acting is the order of the 
day and director Guillen seems to have made this her 
number one rule, though Christopher de Leon visibly goes 
astray here, employing the use of traditional Filipino acting 

Filmed on location in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and 
Long Island, this film is really a must-see for all Filipinos. 
Aside from the fact that it's earned such rave reviews from 
the San Diego Asian Films Festival last year, it's really a film 
by Filipinos for Filipinos and the rest of the world. 

Kudos to those who made this movie possible for giving us 
something to be proud of yet again.