American Adobo Schedule
Thanks to Dan for this information!
ADVANCE NOTICE: Adobo to Open in 3 More cities

As you may have read earlier in the week, American Adobo 
is expanding to more cities, slowly but surely.  

It has been playing for over a month in New York City, New 
Jersey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and is set to open 
in Seattle, at the Landmark Metro Cinemas, in Honolulu, at 
the Wallace Restaurant Row 9 theater, on March 22nd, and 
is scheduled to open at the Landmark Century Cinema in 
Chicago, on Friday April 22nd.

Three more cities have now been confirmed:  San Diego, 
Washington DC, and Baltimore.   Dates and theaters are as 

Friday, April 5 
Hillcrest Cinemas 
3965 5th Ave, #200 
San Diego, CA 92103

Friday, April 12 
Cineplex Odeon Dupont Circle 5 
350 19th St N.W. 
Wash, DC 20036 
Friday, April 12 
Charles Cinema 
1711 N. Charles St 
Baltimore, MD 21201 

More to come next month...