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Disney Prince Turns Lothario! 
Wednesday, January 23, 2002 
Paolo Montalban  no relation to Fantasy Island's Ricardo 
 stole moviegoers' hearts with his princely performance in 
Disney's 1997 remake of Cinderella. But don't expect him to 
pull out that glass slipper in American Adobo (in limited 
release Jan. 25). The indie drama finds him doing a full 180 
as Raul, a charming but heartless womanizer.

Summing up his character, Montalban explains: "Take every 
quality you find in Prince Charming, still use those things to 
get the girl, but then make him a completely thoughtless 
man once he gets what he wants." Raul's one of five friends 
testing their love and self-esteem (and delicious meals) 
over the course of a year in New York City. Adobo writer 
Vincent R. Nebrida's bilingual script explores such universal 
themes through the eyes of Filipino-Americans.

"It's an accurate portrayal," offers Montalban, who was born 
in the Philippines and raised in New Jersey. "Non-Filipino 
viewers can get a window into what it's like to be a Filipino in 
the states." An equal-opportunity dater, Raul loves and 
leaves several women of diverse backgrounds. "For some 
Filipino men who come over from the Philippines," the actor 
says, "they find having non-Filipino girlfriends is a huge 
status [symbol]. For Raul, it's all about show, not about 
what's inside  and the more bimbo she looks, the better."
Despite the racy content of his scenes, Montalban made 
sure to keep his most private parts under wraps. "I had a 
'no-butt' clause in my contract," he chuckles. "I'm saving it for 
the big money!" And no worries, ladies, the single 
28-year-old hasn't shed that Cinderella sensibility entirely. 
"I'm still going to pull out chairs, because chivalry isn't dead, 
it's just taking a long nap," he declares. "I want to bring it 
back single-handedly."  Delaina Dixon