Cinderella Reviews - compiled by Dan.
Thanks to Dan for this information!

The current tour of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella 
ends today in Denver.  

Throughout the past 9 months, Paulo consistently received 
the best reviews of the cast.  (Out of approximately 30 
reviews that were posted – thanks to Lisa, Noel, Julie, 
Andrea and Liza – the Prince received maybe 4 or 5 negative 

Anyway, in case you missed ‘em, here’s a collection of 25 
reviews from the 2000-2001 Cinderella tour…


 "The show's sweetest sounds come out of the mouth of 
Paolo Montalban, who plays the Prince with a sure voice 
and a playful yet regal presence. And he moves freely to Ken 
Roberson's choreography."


"Montalban is everything a handsome prince should be, and 
his gift for imbuing songs with romantic longing make The 
Sweetest Sounds and Do I Love You Because You're 
Beautiful? highlights of the show." 

JOHN FLEMING,  St. Petersburg Times 

"Paolo Montalban is a dashing young Prince. His duets with 
Gibson are suitably romantic and touching…" 

BRAD HATHAWAY, Online Broadway

"The lead that is most impressive is the Prince - Paulo 
Montalban who had the role in the most recent 
made-for-television movie of this piece.  He looks every inch 
a charming prince, his stage demeanor is a marvelous 
combination of regal assurance and youthful tentativeness.  
His voice is practically perfect for the romantic ballads of the 

MARION GARMEL, Indianapolis Star

"Paolo Montalban uses his beautifully tender voice and 
gentle innocence to make this the most romantic prince in 
Cinderella history."

J. WYNN ROUSUCK,  Baltimore Sun

"The cast has one holdover from the 1997 TV show; 
handsome, mellow-voiced Paolo Montalban is everything a 
girl could want in a Prince Charming."


 "Paolo Montalban... is a real find who has everything going 
for him. Besides his good looks, he's completely at home 
on stage, can act, can dance and sings with a strong, warm 
baritone that puts Jon Cypher on the original cast recording 
completely in the shade. He turns "Do I Love You Because 
You're Beautiful?", which can sound faintly ridiculous, into a 
expression of genuine wonderment."


"Paolo Montalban reprises his Prince Charming role from 
the 1997 television movie. Montalban moves through the 
score admirably and gives his prince a homespun sincerity. 
Together with Gibson, they make a lovely couple indeed, 
and if their acting does not blow you away, it's hard not to be 
drawn in by their chemistry."

MICHAEL GROSSBERG, Columbus Dispatch

"If not for the sweetness, good looks and romantic 
chemistry of Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Cinderella and Paolo 
Montalban's Prince, Cinderella might never find its footing.
Montalban (who also played the Prince in the 1997 TV 
movie) and Sigler (Meadow on The Sopranos) sing Do I 
Love You Because You're Beautiful? and The Sweetest 
Sounds so well that audiences won't care that the weak 
Rodgers and Hammerstein score doesn't have any great 


"And who better than real life hunk Paolo Montalban, to play 
opposite Miss Sigler. He is charasmatic, charming, and his 
performance is princely! "


"That man is portrayed by Paolo Montalban with a strong, 
clear singing voice and just the right amount of democratic 
decency and princely panache."


"Such a solid production and secure storyline means less 
of an emphasis on the performers, creating rare casting 
opportunities. Chances could be taken without threatening 
the success of the show, so they were. Paolo Montalban, 
who reprises the role of the Prince he played in the 1997 
television version, and NaTasha Yvette Williams, as 
Cinderella's stepsister Grace, are examples of such picks 
that work."

MARY R. MARTIN, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Paulo Montalban as the prince is graceful and 
golden-voiced.  In his first scene, which features the prince 
and Cinderella in a duet of the show’s best-known song, 
"The Sweetest Sounds," he establishes himself as the 
embodiment of princeliness with a strong, sweet voice to 

MISHA BERSON, Seattle Times

"As the gal with the glass slipper, Sigler uncorks a modest 
but appealing singing voice and displays a sweet stage 
presence. And as her prince, Montalban croons well and 
looks swell."

LAURA C. KELLY,  Aisle Say (Cincinnati)

"Paolo Montalban, who played the same role in the 1997 
Disney television production, just might gain the audience's 
admiration as quickly as he does Cinderella's: at first sight. 
If his handsome appearance alone doesn't win you over, 
then his clear, strong singing voice should."

KENNETH LAFAVE, Arizona Republic

"Paolo Montalban repeats his role as Prince Christopher 
from the 1997 TV version. An exceptionally fine Broadway 
singer, he lifts the show's best tunes - Ten Minutes Ago, Do 
I Love You Because You're Beautiful? - into the 


"The cast is appealing, especially Paolo Montalban as a 
young Prince…"

"Montalban, whose rich voice complements his dark good 
looks, is empathetic as a level-headed young man who 
wants to marry for love, rather than convenience, and wants 
to wed someone he can talk to.  He and sweet-voiced 
Deborah Gibson, as the much put-upon Cinderella, have 
nice chemistry together…"


"Montalban is a heart-poundingly sensual prince with a 
beautiful voice and a palpable sense of frustration as the 
young man trapped in a life that has no meaning. For a 
standard fairy tale, the love scenes are electric, thanks to 
him.  Both Sigler and Montalban have great voices, and they 
are teriffic together."


"Of the principals, however, only Paolo Montalban scores 
high points, fleshing out a two-dimensional character with a 
strong blend of charm and vocal talent."


"Jamie-Lynn is complemented by Paolo Montalban (who is 
not related to Ricardo) as the Prince. Paolo also played the 
Prince alongside Brandy and Whitney Houston in the 1998 
Disney version. His regal look and voice are equally 


"Sigler’s mezzo-soprano voice and Montalban’s blend 
wonderfully. Paolo Montalban is a young rising star and will 
be someone to keep an eye out for. His performance is 


"They took a clue from the recent Whitney Houston/Brandy 
television special and did the nonrace specific casting so 
the King was black, the Queen white, and their son the 
Prince asian (actually it was the same guy, last name 
Montalban, that was also in the television version, and he 
was gorgeous)."

PATRICK DORN, Boulder Daily Camera

"Paolo Montalban, who also played Prince Chris in the most 
recent television remake, has a nice, lyrical voice, and plays 
the part with sincerity and warmth. He seems to be trying to 
cling to the last vestiges of Rodgers and Hammerstein's 
original intent. It's too bad the rest of the show didn't follow 
his direction. "


"Whatever the style of the music, it seems just right for 
Paolo Montalban, who also played the Prince in the recent 
telefilm. His voice is strong and engaging and he makes 
you feel his despair as his parents push him to find a bride."


"I liked Cinderella far better (than Beauty and the Beast). 
After hearing that Paolo's voice, nothing could compare to it. 
This show had good special effects, but I think Cinderella 
had the best singer by far.  Maybe this show could have 
been saved in my opinion if 
Paolo had the lead role. The lead male didn't hold a candle 
to Paolo. I don't see how anyone could enjoy this show with 
its overly operetic sound when you have a perfectly in tune, 
and beautiful voice like Paolo's. I just didn't like this show. I'd 
rather see 
Cinderella a hundred times over, at least if Paolo is in it. I 
don't know if anyone else could hold a song as well as he 
can. I think both shows, Beauty and the Beast, and 
Cinderella are at a loss without Paolo."

And finally…


"While the production values may be sparse, the cast is 
excellent. Jamie-Lynn Sigler vocally may not be the next 
Julie Andrews, but she's beautiful and charming, while 
Paolo Montalban (in answer to yet another question - he's 
no relation!) makes a stalwart, strong-voiced Prince." …It's 
now a good show for kids - better, say, that either 
"Seussical" or "Tom Sawyer" - yet what is fascinating is that 
with some quite considerable primping and tweaking, to say 
nothing of 10 million bucks, I still think that one day Rodgers 
and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" could make it to Broadway.