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Wednesday, Oct. 29, 1997

Seen, Heard, Said

by Janine Dallas Steffan
Seattle Times staff

Paolo Montalban may be a name you don't know yet, but after Sunday's new TV version of the musical "Cinderella," you will: He plays the prince. Most of the ink so far has been about the show's big names: Brandy, Whoopi Goldberg and Whitney Houston. But according to People magazine, Paolo (who's no relation to Ricardo) is no slouch. At 4, he enrolled in the Lincoln Square Academy, which specializes in the arts. He had his first lead role in the third grade. By prep school he had mastered the piano and violin, then went on to learn the saxophone, bassoon, flute and piccolo. He went to Rutgers on an academic scholarship - at age 15. Faced with all this fabulousness, "Cinderella" co-star Jason Alexander says, "What more would you want? He's handsome, tall, can ride a horse and carries a slipper well."

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