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The Master
Episode 17
Writer: Hattman/ Derek/ Cappe Director: Reza Badiyi
Kreeya (guest star Fabiana Udenio) is back in Earth Realm and has
partnered with Reptile (guest star Jon Valera) to raise an army.

A villager comes to the trading to post trying to sell Taja (series regular
Kristanna Loken) something the likes of which he's never seen--a comb from
one of Kreeya's (guest star Fabiana Udenio) hives. Taja, however, knows
exactly what it is and calls to Kung Lao and Siro (series regulars Paolo
Montalban and Daniel Bernhardt) with the news that Kreeya is back in Earth
Realm, most likely to raise another army. All three know that they need to
move fast, as Kreeya's offspring only need days to incubate before being born
as fully grown adults, ready for battle.

Kreeya was forced to reinfiltrate Earth Realm because Shao Kahn has made
the destruction of her hives throughout Outworld a top priority, weakening her
empire. When Kung Loa, Taja and Siro inform Rayden (series regular Jeffrey
Meek) that Kreeya has returned, he warns them that she has probably aligned
herself with another of Earth Realm's enemies and they should be doubly

Kung Lao, Taja and Siro set out to destroy the hives that Kreeya has
established around Zhu Zin. During the outing, Siro is attacked by a warrior
guarding one of the hives. The warrior turns out to be one of Reptile's Zaterran
fighters, thus solving the mystery of Kreeya's new partner. It's a brutal fight,
with the Zaterran fighter nearly killing Siro, until he's rescued by Kiri and
Ankha (guest stars Sung Hi Lee and Tahitia Hicks), who were last seen
fighting against the Earth Realm alongside the evil Noob Saibot. Kiri and
Ankha are superior fighters and make short work of the Zaterran fighter.

After Kiri and Ankha save Siro's life, they help him to the trading post,
explaining along the way that their last encounter wasn't personal, they're just
mercenary fighters and now the money's on keeping Earth Realm safe. Kiri
and Ankha explain to Kung Lao, Siro and Taja that they all share the common
goal of keeping Kreeya from taking Earth Realm, however, their loyalty is to
Shao Kahn, who more than anyone, wants to thwart Kreeya's plans--again.

Reptile's (guest star Jon Valera) association with Kreeya hasn't been
embraced by his key warriors, who feel Kreeya is using the Zaterran race as a
pawn against Shao Kahn. When one of the Zaterran warriors turns against
Reptile, pledging allegiance to Shao Kahn, Reptile kills him on the spot, thus
quelling any further resistance from his troops.

With Siro out of the game, Kiri and Ankha agree to help Kung Lao and Taja
search for hives and destroy them with bombs that they've made. Taja and
Kung Lao find a hive and destroy it after killing the Zaterran who was guarding

The news of the two fallen warriors, in a fight that's not even his own, sends
Reptile into a rage. He tells Kreeya that her plan to have Kiri and Ankha divert
the attention of Kung Lao, Taja and Siro is not working and now the lethal
twosome must kill the Earth Realm warriors. Meanwhile, Siro, has discovered
the double-cross and sets out to warn Kung Lao.

Kiri and Ankha have transformed themselves into Zaterran reptilian warriors in
order to kill Kung Lao. Just as Kiri is about to unleash the trademark Reptilian
deadly acid blast on Kung Lao, Siro knocks him out of the way and the acid
spray kills Ankha. Kiri escapes into the night.

With her Earth Realm invasion yet again thwarted, Kreeya convinces Reptile
to abandon his people and become her mate to raise countless armies of dark
warriors to unleash against the forces of good.