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Episode 16
Writer: Steve Hattman/Sean Catherine Derek/James Cappe/Rabinowitz Director: Bruce Seth
She-warrior Kreeya plans to conquer Earth Realm and wage battle
with Shao Kahn.

Shang Tsung (series regular Bruce Locke) is brutally attacked in the Cobalt
Mines by three female warriors. Just as he's about beaten, Vorpax (series
regular Tracy Douglas) appears, but instead of helping him, she delivers the
blow that levels him. Shang Tsung is spirited from the Cobalt Mines and taken
to Earth Realm as a prisoner.

Vorpax and the warriors, it turns out, are subjects of Empress Kreeya (guest
star Fabiana Undenio), a woman warrior determined to topple Shao Kahn's
empire. Like Shao Kahn, Kreeya has been amassing her universe realm by
realm, growing stronger with each conquest. Now she has her sights set on
Outworld--thus the invasion of the Cobalt Mines.

Kreeya has settled on the neutral, and therefore relatively safe, Earth Realm
as the place where she will raise her army to defeat Shao Kahn.

Meanwhile, Rayden (series regular Jeffrey Meek) warns Kung Lao, Taja and
Siro (series regulars Paolo Montalban, Kristanna Loken and Daniel Bernhardt)
that something is amiss in their realm. He can't quite name it, but something
is definitely not right.

Presently, that something arrives at the trading post in the form of Vorpax and
two of Kreeya's warriors. Vorpax invites Kung Lao, Taja and Siro to meet with
Kreeya and hear her plans to bring peace to all realms through the destruction
of Shao Kahn--the three are even asked to join Kreeya's armies. Taja and Siro
are intrigued by the invitation and meet with Kreeya; Kung Lao is skeptical
and stays behind. In an effort to woo Kung Lao, Kreeya shows up at the
trading post with Shang Tsung in chains.

Kreeya tells Kung Loa of her people and their quest. She goes on to tell him
that her people are a powerful race and when they breed with others, their
traits prevail--eventually erasing all traits other than their own. Kreeya
proclaims this is all in the name of peace and harmony, however Kung Lao
sees it more as the conquering and vanquishing of entire races and realms.

Reluctantly, Kung Loa goes to Kreeya's compound to learn more of Kreeya
and her people. Simultaneously in Outworld, the Shadow Priests have brought
Shao Kahn news of Kreeya and her impending attack. Shao Kahn now
declares war on Kreeya--even though she is on Earth Realm, which is
technically off limits to him. Shao Kahn will deal with the Elder Gods once
he's dealt with Kreeya.

At Kreeya's encampment, Kung Lao learns much more about Kreeya and her
ways than he planned. He discovers a "hive" filled with thousands of
incubating female warriors who will grow to adulthood in a matter of weeks--all
spawned by Kreeya! When he confronts Kreeya, he and the others are given a
choice: join them or perish. When they refuse, they are taken prisoner with
Kung Lao being put in the cage where Shang Tsung is being kept. Kreeya, it
appears, plans to "mate" with each of them to create new legions of super

Kung Lao, realizing the desperation of their situation, goads Shang Tsung into
a fight. Once Shang Tsung strikes Kung Loa, Rayden appears--the rules of
Mortal Kombat have been violated and he can now intervene. Rayden frees
Kung Lao and Shang Tsung and, ironically, the mortal enemies must fight
together to stop Kreeya and save the Earth Realm from her invasion. The two
are successful in destroying Kreeya's compound and the hive, but
disturbingly, when the dust settles, Shang Tsung, Kreeya and Vorpax have all
gone missing in the Earth Realm. Back in Outworld, Shao Kahn has
discovered that Kreeya deposited thousands and thousands of hives on her
visit and his kingdom is about to be attacked by hordes of her warriors.