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The Serpent and the Ice
Episode 15
Writer: Steve Hattman/Sean Catherine Derek Director: Jack Sholder
Sub-Zero and Scorpion band together in Shao Kahn's plan to destroy
Kung Lao and conquer Earth Realm.

Shao Kahn summons the warriors Sub-Zero (acting on behalf of the Lin Kuei)
and Scorpion to Outworld where he informs them that though enemies, they
will partner to destroy Kung Lao. Their payment for this task: they will share
Earth Realm equally. Both reluctantly agree to the arrangement, while
simultaneously trying to figure out a plan to double-cross the other.

Rayden (series regular Jeffrey Meek) gets wind of Shao Kahn's plan and alerts
Kung Lao, Siro and Taja (series regulars Paolo Montalban, Daniel Bernhardt
and Kristanna Loken). Rayden's advice to the trio is to learn as much as they
can about their enemies in order to defeat them. Kung Lao and Taja consult a
monk knowledgable of the Lin Kuei; Siro sets out to find a woman, Peron
(guest star Josie Davis), he believes may have ties to Scorpion.

In a war of wills, the Lin Kuei order Sub-Zero to kill Scorpion, while Peron, who
it turns out is now Scorpion's second in command, is plotting Sub-Zero's

Meanwhile, Kung Lao and Taja learn from the monk that the Lin Kuei has a
history of kidnapping teenagers and making them prisoners to the Lin Kuei.
They surmise that since Sub-Zero is a fighter from Earth Realm, and aligned
with the Lin Kuei, it's quite possible that he was once one of those kidnapped

Following this idea, Kung Lao visits the home of a family who lost a child to
the Lin Kuei years ago. As he arrives, he comes upon two masked ninjas
attempting to kidnap the family's daughter. Kung Lao defends the family and
takes them to the trading post for safekeeping. Sub-Zero, who is trailing Kung
Lao, sees him rescue the family--and something unfamiliar stirs inside him.
The family, it turns out, is Sub-Zero's and he now feels a debt of honor toward
Kung Lao for saving his family.

Kung Lao wrongly suspects the Lin Kuei is involved with the kidnapping--which
is exactly what Peron had hoped for. Her plan to crush Sub-Zero involved
finding his family in Earth Realm, kidnapping his long-forgotten sister and
using her to get him to surrender to Scorpion. Kung Lao, however, foiled this
plan--bringing Scorpion, Peron and Sub-Zero to a face-off in the courtyard of
the trading post. Fearing another kidnapping attempt, the teenage girl,
Sub-Zero's sister, flees, running into the streets of Zhu Zin. A seemingly kindly
woman offers her shelter-- just before brutally killing her. The seemingly kindly
woman, it turns out, was Peron.

Sub-Zero witnesses his sister's murder and in retaliation kills Peron. This
infuriates Scorpion who goes to the Lin Kuei and tells them Sub-Zero has
turned against them and is now fighting with Kung Lao instead of against him.
All of this infighting infuriates Shao Kahn, who is no closer to conquering Earth
Realm than he was at the beginning of this mess--he orders both Scorpion
and the Lin Kuei to finish what's been started.

The Lin Kuei dispatches an army of ninjas to kill Sub-Zero, but they are no
match for him. Next, Scorpion enters the fray and the two fight savagely--but
there is no victor--neither can land the final, crushing blow. When the fighters
are momentarily distracted by Kung Lao, Scorpion vanishes into the night, as
does Sub-Zero, seconds later. The inability of these two warriors to cooperate
has inadvertently spared Kung Lao and the Earth Realm from Shao Kahn's