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Shadow of a Doubt
Episode 12
Writer: Serra/Hattman/ Derek Director: Peter Ellis
Shao Kahn makes numerous attempts on Kung Lao's (series regular
Paolo Montalban) life before being stopped by his stepdaughter,
Princess Kitana (guest star Audie England).

Episode opens with Kung Lao (series regular Paolo Montalban) being attacked
by the warrior Rain (guest star Percy "Spit Fire" Brown), who has the ability to
summon lightning from the sky to strike his opponents. Shao Kahn has sent
Rain to kill Kung Lao, which would give him control of the Earth Realm, as well
as keep Shang Tsung (series regular Bruce Locke) in the Cobalt Mines for

Taja (series regular Kristanna Loken) and Siro (series regular Daniel
Bernhardt) come upon the fight causing Rain to flee. Unfortunately, Rain has
hurt Kung Lao badly and he'll require a few days' bed rest. Shao Kahn decides
this is the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the trading post and finish the job
Rain has begun.

In order to gain access to Kung Lao, Shao Kahn calls upon the warrior
Mileena (guest star Megan Brown) who he transforms to look like his
stepdaughter and friend to Kung Lao, Princess Kitana. He sends this
substitute Kitana to the trading post with orders to kill the weakened Kung
Lao. The evil Kitana arrives saying that she heard that Kung Lao needed some
nursing, and she wanted to repay the favor for the time he helped save her life.

When Shang Tsung (series regular Bruce Locke) learns of Shao Kahn's plans
to kill Kung Lao, he immediately dispatches Vorpax (series regular Tracy
Douglas) to foil the plans. If Shang Tsung ever hopes to escape the Cobalt
Mines, it is he alone who must vanquish Kung Lao.

Vorpax convinces the evil Kitana that Shao Kahn is using her and once she
kills Kung Lao, she too will be finished. Vorpax tells her that the longer Kung
Lao lives, the better off she is. The evil Kitana begins an affair with Kung Lao
and making excuses to Shao Kahn.

Taja has become suspicious of Kitana's behavior--it is markedly different from
the last time she visited from Outworld. Coupled with the fact that Kung Lao is
getting worse instead of better, Taja becomes increasingly wary of this Kitana.

Meanwhile, Siro has been tracking Rain since his attack on Kung Lao. When
Siro comes upon Rain in an abandoned temple, he's not ready for the intensity
of his attack. Just as Rain is about to finish Siro with his trademark lightning
blast, Rain is struck from behind by one of Princess Kitana's fighting fans.

It turns out that in a last ditch effort to keep Kung Lao alive, Shang Tsung
alerted the real Princess Kitana (guest star Audie England) that Shao Kahn
had sent Rain (a former Edenian and friend of Kitana) to kill Kung Lao. In her
pursuit of Rain, she came across the fight in the temple in which she saved
Siro's life. Following this, Siro asked how she had been able to get from the
trading post to the temple so quickly. At this point they realize that the Kitana
at the trading post is an impostor sent by Shao Kahn.

The real Kitana hurries to the trading post and confronts the impostor--a raging
fight ensues. In the midst of the fight, the women are transported back to
Outworld by Shao Kahn. He punishes Mileena by taking away the beauty she
had received to pose as Kitana; when he turns to the real Kitana, she tells him
that she was not disobeying him when she went to Earth Realm, rather she
was serving him by exposing Mileena as a fraud who was both impersonating
her and trying to kill Kung Lao--something Shao Kahn is forbidden to do by the
Elder Gods. Kitana trumps Shao Kahn's plans and is safe for the time being.