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Thicker than Blood
Episode 11
Writer: Sean Catherine Derek Director: Reza Badiyi
Siro's (series regular Daniel Bernhardt) long-estranged brother (guest
star Dean Cochran) turns up in Zhu Zin as a warrior for the evil
Scorpion (guest star Chris Casamassa).

While Siro (series regular Daniel Bernhardt) and Kung Lao (series regular
Paolo Montalban) are busy recruiting prospective warriors, Taja (series regular
Kristanna Loken) is running her bazaar out of the trading post's courtyard. A
mysterious woman approaches Taja looking for Siro. When this woman,
Hannah (guest star Eva Mendez), tells Taja that she once almost married
Siro, Taja is stunned and intrigued.

Hannah, it turns out, is now married to Siro's long-estranged brother, Cassar
(guest star Dean Cochran). She has come to Siro because Cassar is missing
and she fears that he's in trouble. Siro, who was dumped by Hannah years
ago, is ambivalent toward her plight and tells her she's on her own.

Meanwhile, Scorpion (guest star Chris Casamassa) reports to Shao Kahn his
plans to raise a dark army in the Earth Realm. He's recruiting only the
deadliest fighters to carry out his plans. Unfortunately, Cassar has fallen under
the spell of Scorpion and has joined him in his quest.

Cassar and another of Scorpion's warriors go to the trading post to recruit
Hannah to join them. When she resists, a fight breaks out and Cassar
escapes, but the other warrior is captured by Kung Lao, Siro and Taja. With a
little persuasion and big dagger, Siro and Kung Lao "convince" the captured
warrior to tell them where Scorpion is headquartered.

Since they'd be outnumbered by Scorpion's warriors, Kung Lao and Siro
devise a plan to infiltrate his operation and get to Cassar. They decide to send
Hannah to Scorpion, pledging her loyalty to the cause as her husband has.
Once she gets Cassar alone, Hannah leads him into a trap set by Siro and
they take him back to the trading post where they work to "deprogram" him.

Cassar and Siro attempt to sort through years of sibling rivalry which was
fueled by their father who always made them compete with one another.
Finally, Kung Lao, Taja, Hannah and Siro are able to convince Cassar to stay
and join them in their noble quest.

Following a celebratory feast, Siro and Cassar are at the trading post,
catching up on the years they'd been separated. Scorpion appears and says
he's come to reclaim what is his, meaning Cassar. For the first time in their
lives, the brothers fight alongside each other instead of against each other.
Scorpion, seething from Cassar's betrayal has only one goal--to kill
Cassar--and he does, then vanishes into the night.