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The Essence
Episode 5
Writer: Sean Catherine Derek Director: Jim Johnston
When Shang Tsung's sorcery puts Taja and Siro's lives in danger, Kung
Lao risks all of the Earth Realm to save his friends.

Kung Lao (series regular Paolo Montalban) takes Siro (series regular Daniel
Bernhardt) and Taja (series regular Kristanna Loken) to the Temple of the
Order of Light for some meditation and reflection. What Siro and Taja discover
after some reflection is that this isn't for them and they decide to leave Kung
Lao and head back to the trading post.

As they're leaving the post, and elderly monk notices a water sack hanging on
a post, and assuming it's theirs runs after Taja and Siro to give them the sack.
The monk drinks some of the water before he gives it to them. The sack, as it
turns out, is Kung Lao's, but his friends take it anyway.

The monk returns to the Temple and dies shortly thereafter. As the other
monks are preparing his body for burial, it continues to age and disintegrate
until there is nothing left except a pile of dust. It is clear to the other monks
that the dark powers of sorcery are at work.

Vorpax (series regular Tracy Douglas), having completed her mission, is
discovered trying to sneak away from the Temple. Kung Lao chases her and
she narrowly escapes through a portal back to Outworld. Piecing together the
events of the day, Kung Lao surmises that Vorpax, acting for Shang Tsung
(series regular Bruce Locke), put something in the water sack that was meant
for him, not the monk. He then realizes that Siro and Taja have the water sack
and are probably drinking the remainder of the potion that caused the monk to
age into oblivion--and will do the same to them.

The monks tell Kung Lao of a woman, Omegis (guest star Angelica Bridges),
a sorceress who has defeated mortality and can reverse Shang Tsung's
potion. Unfortunately, the monks warn, Omegis is a friend to no one and only
serves her own desires.

Arriving at the trading post, Kung Lao discovers that his friends have already
aged almost 20 years from the day before, and the aging shows no signs of
slowing. Their journey to Omegis is labored, considering that Taja is more
than 50 years old and Siro is well past 60. Sensing time is running out, Kung
Lao leaves his friends at an abandoned temple and goes on alone.

Kung Lao tells Omegis why he's come, but as he was warned, she is
unsympathetic and unwilling to help. She tells Kung Lao that he should get
used to seeing his friends die--since he's immortal (until he's defeated in
Mortal Kombat), he'll outlive everyone he meets. Kung Lao persists and
Omegis finally relents, giving him a potion to reverse Shang Tsung's sorcery.

By the time Kung Lao gets back to Taja and Siro at the temple, they have
been taken captive by Shang Tsung. Unless Kung Lao agrees to face off with
Shang Tsung there and then in Mortal Kombat, Shang Tsung will keep Taja
and Siro from getting Omegis' potion. It's fierce battle, but once again, Kung
Lao is victorious and defeats Shang Tsung (who barely has the strength to
make it back to Outworld) in just enough time to get the antidote to Taja and

With Taja and Siro back to normal and Shang Tsung back in Outworld,
Rayden (series regular Jeffrey Meek) visits Kung Lao and berates him for
selfishly putting all of the Earth Realm in danger by engaging in Mortal
Kombat to save two friends. Oddly enough, Rayden's warning echoes
Omegis'--immortality comes with a price.