The Flummery Digest, 8/97

From a Knight-Ridder advance piece: 
Disney's newest Cinderella passes multicultural muster with flying colors. The
title role belongs to singer-actress Brandy [who is black] ... Her prince is
Paolo Montalban, a newcomer of Hispanic descent. Milk-skinned Bernadette
Peters has the role of the wicked stepmother whose two haughty daughters are
played by white and black actresses. Whitney Houston is the fairy godmother,
Jason Alexander [is] ... the Prince's loyal steward, Lionel, and Whoopi
Goldberg gets to be Queen Constantina. 

We hope that this Cinderella, as we approach the millennium, is 
reflective of what our society is today. 

[Ed.: It is. Paolo Montalban is Filipino, so Disney has not forgotten Asians.]